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1. The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a design agency whose design work mainly involves branding, campaign design, editorial & print design, strategy design planning and souvenir design, branding, graphic design, data visualisation etc. It is a small company, with a very friendly colleagues and working environment.


Before starting the internship, I have the following expectation:


  • To apply the skills learned at schools to a real-life work situation from various design mediums and tasks

  •  To push myself by learning more about my characteristics in the workplace

  • To improve my communication teamworks skills in workplace 

螢幕截圖 2023-02-09 上午6.43.44.png

To reflect on my experience, it would be...

Role & Responsibility:


  1. Regular Tasks - research on the subject backgrounds, including competitors, market and history context, generate idea, visualise data into infographics, create packaging & gift set design, branding design, develop marketing strategy 


2. Ad-hoc Tasks - brainstorm pitching ideas, conduct photo retouching and basic video editing

Ability & Learnt experience:


  • Handle systematic and organised presentation skills 

  • Timely manner in managing multi-tasks in tight deadlines

  • Stable teamwork supports and communication 

  • Innovative ways of thinking 

In terms of pursuing my personal growth, this work experience helped me clearly understand my own characteristics, such as being a systematic and innovative person, because I was adapt in focusing on analysing and conceiving creative methods to convey complex and diverse information. In addition, I appreciate a lot on the working environment, ​the mode of communication among colleagues is open, we knowing each other's needs and expectations to maintain effective cooperation, which is one of the important skills I have learned.

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2. K11 Art Foundation 

KAF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering the development of Chinese contemporary art. After graduated from the K11 Youth Art Power programme, I became a part-time decent in K11. I participated in the exhibition of {Haunted, Salvaged by Andrew Luk} and {Art HK 2022}. 

My expectation:


  • To apply the skills of public speaking and guiding tours to promote Chinese art

  • To interpret, share and appreciate art in multi-faceted

  • To communicate with art enthusiasts in different backgrounds 

螢幕截圖 2023-02-09 上午7.33.21.png

To reflect on my experience, it would be...

Role & Responsibility:


1. Preparation - Conduct research on artists and artworks, digest and simplify the complicated information into my own interpretation, and prepare presentation in multiple appreciation perspectives


2. Process - Interpret on the artwork by standing on audiences’ shoes, ensure the high degree of public engagement and take care of audiences’ reactions, communicate and interact with the audience from multiple backgrounds, maintain team coordination during the art tour

Ability & Learnt experience:

  • All-rounded research and analytic skills
  • Art appreciation and decoding in Chinese Arts in History and modern context

  • Interactive public presentation techniques and ability to adapt to different conditions

  • Guidance on diversified art appreciation and thinkings​

In terms of pursuing my career goal, I learnt the interactive art promotion techniques from this work experience. In addition, working hard for art promotion with like-minded friends makes me felt very excited, and I also exchange views on art with a wide audience through the process!

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