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FACTORY (2019)


socially-engaged art

155 x 38 x 165 cm installation

/experience design


/installation art

This work aims to reflect materialism and consumerism through the fast-fashion issue. Mass production of new clothes makes prices attractive to consumers which led to a "quantity instead of quality” consumption model. 

Plastic box pieces are used to build the “clothes” which imply the problem of low durability under mass production of fast fashion. 

In addition, Mong Kok is chosen as the location since it is a representative place that reveal consumerism, including fast fashion shops. The installation has placed beside H&M which is an irony. 

It aims to trigger people's reflection by inviting participants to price the clothes which are made by used plastic boxes. What is the actual value of fast-fashion when the value of fulfilling material desires is gone after abandoned?

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