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Way-finding System Design

signages | location map

/experience design

/identity design


This project aims at redesigning way-finding system for the Warehouse by matching with its style and bring it into rebranding. It is the only surviving police station building built in the 19th century and is now a Grade II historic building. It was activated in 1995 as a youth literary and creative base, aiming to encourage young people to develop creativity and diversified development.

The art direction of the rebranding are vitality (as teenagers are the main users) and classic (highlight its colonial background). 


The map aims to address several problems: 1. Inconsistent styles  2. Inconspicuous design  3. Provide guidance, while puzzles are applied as the visual elements in the signage design as the Warehouse encourages teenagers to bring their strengths into group activities.

​* Logo doesn't involve in the rebranding. The original logo is used.

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