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It is an cooperative project that include multi-disciplines: advertising design, communication design, social design, product design and environmental & interioir design.

In order to promote sustainability in the future, we designed an eco-material scheme to promote sustainability through art and innovation for our client K11: a new created brand named "CirKularity" which collect data of popular eco-materials that can form a relevant trend once a year.  Wasted materials from K11’s tenants from the fashion, cosmetic and F&B industries will be donated for the election of the Eco-Material of the Year and announced in the ceremony exhibition.

Wastes are regarded as useless and have muddy colors. However wastes are having new life so sharp colours are used to convey that wastes can be valuable and energetic.

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螢幕截圖 2022-03-21 上午7.00.20.png
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